Paul E. Barkhaus, MD 

Neurologist/Clinic Medical Director

Paul E. Barkhaus, MD is Professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He is also Director of the Clinical Neurophysiology training program and ALS Clinical Program. Dr. Barkhaus has 30 original scientific publications and more than 30 chapters, reviews and teaching programs in neuromuscular diseases and electromyography. Dr. Barkhaus has taught workshops and given lectures on these topics at the regional, national, and international levels. He is a past President of the Wisconsin Neurological Society.


Dr. Barkhaus is originally from Michigan, where he attended Medical School at Wayne State University in Detroit. He did his initial neurology training there before pursuing further training at the University of Minnesota, University of Arizona, Uppsala University, and Duke University. Prior to coming to the Medical College of Wisconsin he was on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati and the University of Minnesota.


Dr. Barkhaus began the ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic at Froedtert Hospital in 1997. The Clinic has evolved into a robust program that comprehensively cares for ALS patients and their families. In March 2006, the ALS Association designated the Medical College of Wisconsin/Froedtert Hospital as the 26th ALS Center of Excellence in the USA.


Approximately 75 new cases are seen at the ALS Clinic each year, and Dr. Barkhaus and the Clinic Team provide care for over 150 patients. Dr. Barkhaus also has developed a Multi-Disciplinary ALS Clinic for Veterans at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. This is the only fully ALS multi-disciplinary clinic in the United States VA system that would meet the ALS Association’s criteria for certification as an ALS Center of Excellence. Approximately 20 Veterans received their care through the ALS Clinic at the Milwaukee VAMC.


Dr. Barkhaus also serves on the Medical Advisory Board of The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter, is actively involved in the planning of, as well as presenting at, the Chapter’s Annual Patient Care and Research Symposium, and is a regular speaker at the monthly ALS Support Groups.


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